Tinea is a skin infection caused by certain fungi. A significant fraction of the people wh

Tinea is a skin infection caused by certain fungi. A significant fraction of the people who contract tinea have outbreaks of its symptoms again and again. This proves that, for each of these individuals, the original case of tinea was, in fact, never completely cured. The argument above assumes that a person who has outbreaks of tinea symptoms again and again

A.can never be completely cured of tinea.

B.does not understand what causes tinea.

C.did not get medical treatment for the original case of tinea.

D.did not take steps to avoid contracting tinea.

E.has not been repeatedly infected with tinea.


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Inspection system X and inspection system Y, though based on different principles, each detect all product flaws, but they each also erroneously reject three percent of flawless products. Since false rejections are very costly, money will be saved by installing both systems, instead of either one or the other, and rejecting only products found flawed by both. The argument above requires which of the following assumptions?

A.The three percent of flawless products that system X rejects are not all the same products, piece for piece, that system Y erroneously rejects.

B.It is less costly to accept a flawed product than to reject a flawless one.

C.In their price range, systems X and Y are the least error-prone inspection systems on the market.

D.Whichever system performs the second inspection needs to inspect only products not rejected by the first system.

E.Any way of detecting flaws, other than by using either system X or system Y, requires complete disassembly of the products.

Fragments of charred antelope bone have recently been found at a million-year-old settlement of Homo erectus, an early human species. This discovery demonstrates that humans were making controlled use of fire to cook meat at a very early stage of their development. The argument above makes which of the following assumptions?

A.Every human species since Homo erectus has made controlled use of fire.

B.Homo erectus could not have eaten antelope meat unless the meat had been cooked.

C.Early human settlements can be identified by the presence of charred antelope bones.

D.The diet of Homo erectus consisted in large part of antelope meat.

E.The antelope bones were charred in a fire controlled by humans.

Although many brands of gasoline are sold on Haibei island, gasoline companies there get all of the refined gasoline they sell from Haibei seaports only storage tank, which is always refilled with the same quality of gasoline. Therefore, the brands of gasoline for sale on Haibei may be different in name and price, bat they are identical in quality. The conclusion drawn above depends on which of the following assumptions?

A.Consumers are usually unaware of variations in the quality of the gasoline they buy unless those variations are announced by the gasoline companies.

B.When tankers make gasoline delivery at Haibei" s seaport , the storage tank an Hailed always receives the same quantity of gasoline as that in the preceding delivery.

C.There is a wide variation in the price at which the different brands of gasoline on Haibei are sold.

D.If any gasoline company on Haibei alters the quality of its gasoline before sale, the other gasoline companies also use methods before sale that result in the same change in the quality of their gasoline.

E.The gasoline storage tank on Haibei" s large enough to meet the needs of all of Haibei s different gasoline companies .

Until 1984 only aspirin and acetaminophen shared the lucrative nonprescription pain-reliever market. In 1984, however, ibuprofen was expected to account for fifteen percent of all nonprescription pain-reliever sales. On that basis business experts predicted for 1984 a corresponding fifteen percent decrease in the combined sales of aspirin and acetaminophen. The prediction mentioned in the last sentence above was based on which of the following assumptions?

A.Most consumers would prefer ibuprofen to both aspirin and acetaminophen.

B.Aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen all relieve headache pain and muscular aches, but aspirin and ibuprofen can also cause stomach irritation.

C.Before 1984 ibuprofen was available only as a prescription medicine.

D.The companies that manufacture and sell aspirin and acetaminophen would not also manufacture and sell ibupro-fen.

E.The introduction of ibuprofen would not increase total sales of nonprescription pain relievers.



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