How do the airlines expect to prevent commercial plane crashes? Studies have shown that pi

How do the airlines expect to prevent commercial plane crashes? Studies have shown that pilot error contributes to two-thirds of all such crashes. To address this problem, the airlines have upgraded their training programs by increasing the hours of classroom instruction and emphasizing communication skills in the cockpit. But it is unrealistic to expect such measures to compensate for pilots lack of actual flying time. Therefore, the airlines should rethink their training approach to reducing commercial crashes. Which one of the following is an assumption upon which the argument depends?

A.Training programs can eliminate pilot errors.

B.Commercial pilots routinely undergo additional training throughout their careers.

C.The number of airline crashes will decrease if pilot training programs focus on increasing actual flying time.

D.Lack of actual flying time is an important contributor to pilot error in commercial plane crashes.

E.Communication skills are not important to pilot training programs.


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Current legislation that requires designated sections for smokers and nonsmokers on the premises of privately owned businesses is an intrusion into the private sector that cannot be justified. The fact that studies indicate that nonsmokers might be harmed by inhaling the smoke from others cigarettes is not the main issue. Rather, the main issue concerns the governments violation of the right of private businesses to determine their own policies and rules. Which one of the following is a principle that, if accepted, could enable the conclusion to be properly drawn?

A.Government intrusion into the policies and rules of private businesses is justified only when individuals might be harmed.

B.The right of individuals to breathe safe air supersedes the right of businesses to be free from government intrusion.

C.The right of businesses to self-determination overrides whatever right or duty the government may have to protect the individual.

D.It is the duty of private businesses to protect employees from harm in the workplace.

E.Where the rights of businesses and the duty of government conflict, the main issue is finding a successful compromise.

54.The brains of identical twins are genetically identical. When only one of a pair of identical twins is a schizophrenic, certain areas of the affected twins brain are smaller than corresponding areas in the brain of the unaffected twin. No such differences are found when neither twin is schizophrenic. Therefore, this discovery provides definitive evidence that schizophrenia is caused by damage to the physical structure of the brain. Which one of the following is an assumption required by the argument?

A.The brain of a person suffering from schizophrenia is smaller than the brain of anyone not suffering from schizophrenia.

B.The relative smallness of certain parts of the brains of schizophrenics is not the result of schizophrenia or of medications used in its treatment.

C.The brain of a person with an identical twin is no smaller, on average, than the brain of a person who is not a twin.

D.When a pair of identical twins both suffer from schizophrenia, their brains are the same size.

E.People who have an identical twin are no more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than those who do not.

Fire ants from Brazil now infest the southern United States. Unlike queen fire ants in Brazil, two queens in the United States share a nest. Ants from these nests are more aggressive than those from single-queen nests. By destroying virtually all insects in the nest area, these aggressive ants gain sole access to food sources, and the ant population skyrockets. Since certain predator insects in Brazil limit the fire-ant population there, importing such predator insects into the United States would be of overall benefit to the environment by stopping the increase of the fire-ant population in the United States. Each of the following is an assumption made in the argument EXCEPT:

A.The imported insects would not prove more damaging to the environment in the United States than are the fire ants themselves.

B.The predator insects from Brazil could survive in the ecological environment found in the United States.

C.The especially aggressive fire ants from the two-queen nests would not be able to destroy the Brazilian predator insects.

D.The predator insects would stop the increase of the ant population before the ants spread to states that are farther north.

E.The rate of increase of the fire-ant population would not exceed the rate at which the predator insects could kill the ants.

The workers at Bell Manufacturing will shortly go on strike unless the management increases their wages. As Bells president is well aware, however, in order to increase the workers wages, Bell would have to sell off some of its subsidiaries. So, some of Bells subsidiaries will be sold.The conclusion above is properly drawn if which one of the following is assumed?

A.Bell Manufacturing will begin to suffer increased losses.

B.Bell"s management will refuse to increase its workers" wages.

C.The workers at Bell Manufacturing will not be going on strike.

D.Bell"s president has the authority to offer the workers their desired wage increase.

E.Bell" s workers will not accept a package of improved benefits in place of their desired wage increase.



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