Traditionally, decision-making by managers that is reasoned step-by-step has been consider

Traditionally, decision-making by managers that is reasoned step-by-step has been considered preferable to intuitive decision-making. However, a recent study found that top managers used intuition significantly more than did most middle or lower-level managers. This confirms the alternative view that intuition is actually more effective than careful, methodical reasoning. The conclusion above is based on which of the following assumptions?

A.Methodical, step-by-step reasoning is inappropriate for making many real-life management decisions.

B.Top managers have the ability to use either intuitive reasoning or methodical, step-by-step reasoning in making decisions.

C.The decisions made by middle and lower-level managers can be made as easily by using methodical reasoning as by using intuitive reasoning.

D.Top managers use intuitive reasoning in making the majority of their decisions.

E.Top managers are more effective at decision-making than middle or lower-level managers.


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A famous singer recently won a lawsuit against an advertising firm for using another singer in a commercial to evoke the famous singer s well-known rendition of a certain song. As a result of the lawsuit, advertising firms will stop using imitators in commercials. Therefore, advertising costs will rise, since famous singers services cost more than those of their imitators. The conclusion above is based on which of the following assumptions?

A.Most people are unable to distinguish a famous singer"s rendition of a song from a good imitator" s rendition of the same song.

B.Commercials using famous singers are usually more effective than commercials using imitators of famous singers.

C.The original versions of some well-known songs are unavailable for use in commercials.

D.Advertising firms will continue to use imitators to mimic the physical mannerisms of famous singers.

E.The advertising industry will use well-known renditions of songs in commercials.

In recent years many cabinetmakers have been winning acclaim as artists. But since furniture must be useful, cabinetmakers must exercise their craft with an eye to the practical utility of their product. For this reason, cabinetmaking is not art. Which of the following is an assumption that supports drawing the conclusion above from the reason given for that conclusion?

A.Some furniture is made to be placed in museums, where it will not be used by anyone.

B.Some cabinetmakers are more concerned than others with the practical utility of the products they produce.

C.Cabinetmakers should be more concerned with the practical utility of their products than they currently are.

D.An object is not an art object if its maker pays attention to the object"s practical utility.

E.Artists are not concerned with the monetary value of their products.

The population of peregrine falcons declined rapidly during the 1950s and 1960s and reached an all-time low in the early 1970s. The decline was attributed by scientists to the widespread use of the pesticide DDT in rural areas. Which of the following, if true, gives the strongest support to the scientists claim?

A.DDT was not generally in use in areas devoted to heavy industry.

B.In the time since the use of DDT was banned in 1972, the population of peregrine falcons has been steadily increasing.

C.Peregrine falcons, like other birds of prey, abandon eggs that have fallen out of the nest, even if the eggs remain intact.

D.Starlings, house sparrows, and blue jays-birds the peregrine falcon preys on were not adversely affected by DDT in their habitats.

E.Other birds of prey, such as the osprey, the bald eagle, and the brown pelican, are found in the same areas as is the peregrine falcon.

In a physical education class, 20 students were tested on archery target shooting. These students were then given a two-day training course in archery technique. The students were tested again and showed a 30 percent increase in accuracy. This result proves that the course was effective in increasing peoples target-shooting accuracy. Which of the following, if true, gives the strongest support to the argument above?

A.The students were all excellent athletes, and excellent athletes tend to be good at target shooting.

B.The first testing session functioned as a practice session for the second testing session.

C.The accuracy with which people can shoot arrows is strongly related to the sharpness of their vision.

D.A similar group of students who were also tested on archery target shooting but were not given the course did not show an increase in accuracy.

E.Excellence in archery target shooting is an accomplishment achieved by relatively few of the people who take up the sport.



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