Statistics over four consecutive years showed that four percent more automobile accidents

Statistics over four consecutive years showed that four percent more automobile accidents happened in California during the week following the switch to daylight saving time and during the week following the switch back to standard time than occurred the week before each event. These statistics show that these time changes adversely affect the alertness of California drivers. The conclusion in the argument above is based on which of the following assumptions?

A.Drivers in California as well as those in the rest of the United States have similar driving patterns.

B.The observed increases in accident rates are due almost entirely to an increase in the number of minor accidents.

C.Four years is not a sufficiently long period of time over which to judge the phenomenon described.

D.There are no other factors such as school vacations or holiday celebrations that cause accident rates to rise during these weeks.

E.A time change at any other time of year would not produce a similar increase in accident rates.


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Prolonged and unseasonable frosts produce frost rings in deciduous trees, which grow in moderate climates. Frost rings do not appear in any of the fossilized deciduous trees that have been found in Antarctica. Hence, it is unlikely that such frosts occurred in Antarctica at the time the fossilized trees lived. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

A.There are fossilized nondeciduous trees from Antarctica that bear frost rings.

B.Deciduous trees are more likely to bear frost rings than are other tree varieties.

C.The process of fossilization does not completely obscure frost rings in deciduous trees.

D.Present-day deciduous trees are more sensitive to changes in temperature than were the deciduous trees of ancient Antarctica.

E.Prolonged and unseasonable frosts that might have occurred in Antarctica when the now-fossilized trees were still living did not always produce frost rings in deciduous trees.

From a certain farming region, trucks can carry vegetables to market in New Mexico in two days for a total cost of $ 300. A train will carry the vegetables there in four days for $200. If reducing time in transit is more important to the owner of the vegetables than is reducing the shipping bill, he or she will send the vegetables by truck. Which of the following is an assumption made in the passage above?

A.Vegetables can be sold more profitably when shipped by train than by truck.

B.Other than speed and cost, there are no significant differences between truck and train transportation from the farming region to New Mexico.

C.The time required to ship vegetables by train from the farming region to New Mexico could be reduced to two days if the price for this service were raised.

D.Most owners of vegetables in the region are more concerned with shipping costs than with the time involved in shipping vegetables to market.

E.Transportation of vegetables by truck is worth at least $ 200 per day to owners of the vegetables in the farming region.

To prevent some conflicts of interest, Congress could prohibit high-level government officials from accepting positions as lobbyists for three years after such officials leave government service. One such official concluded, however, that such a prohibition would be unfortunate because it would prevent high-level government officials from earning a livelihood for three years. The officials conclusion logically depends on which of the following assumptions?

A.Laws should not restrict the behavior. of former government officials.

B.Lobbyists are typically people who have previously been high-level government officials.

C.Low-level government officials do not often become lobbyists when they leave government service.

D.High-level government officials who leave government service are capable of earning a livelihood only as lobbyists.

E.High-level government officials who leave government service are currently permitted to act as lobbyists for only three years.

A researcher discovered that people who have low levels of immune-system activity tend to score much lower on tests of mental health than do people with normal or high immune-system activity. The researcher concluded from this experiment that the immune system protects against mental illness as well as against physical disease. The researchers conclusion depends on which of the following assumptions?

A.High immune-system activity protects against mental illness better than normal immune-system activity does.

B.Mental illness is similar to physical disease in its effects on body system.

C.People with high immune-system activity cannot develop mental illness.

D.Mental illness does not cause people"s immune-system activity to decrease.

E.Psychological treatment of mental illness is not as effective as is medical treatment.



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