The greatest chance for the existence of extraterrestrial life is on a planet beyond our s

The greatest chance for the existence of extraterrestrial life is on a planet beyond our solar system. The Milky Way galaxy alone contains 100 billion other suns, many of which could be accompanied by planets similar enough to Earth to make them suitable abodes of life. The statement above assumes which of the following?

A.Living creatures on another planet would probably have the same appearance as those on Earth.

B.Life cannot exist on other planets in our solar system.

C.If the appropriate physical conditions exist, life is an inevitable consequence.

D.More than one of the suns in the galaxy is accompanied by an Earth-like planet.

E.It is likely that life on another planet would require conditions similar to those on Earth.


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Some people assert that prosecutors should be allowed to introduce illegally obtained evidence in criminal trials if the judge and jury can be persuaded that the arresting officer was not aware of violating or did not intend to violate the law while seizing the evidence. This proposed "good-faith exception" would weaken everyones constitutional protection, lead to less careful police practices, and promote lying by law enforcement officers in court. The argument above for maintaining the prohibition against illegally obtained evidence assumes that

A.defendants in criminal cases should enjoy greater protection from the law than other citizens do. enforcement authorities need to be encouraged to pursue criminals assiduously.

C.the legal system will usually find ways to ensure that real crimes do not go unprosecuted.

D.the prohibition now deters some unlawful searches and seizures.

E.courts should consider the motives of law enforcement officers in deciding whether evidence brought forward by the officers is admissible in a trial.

The world s annual food production slightly exceeds the amount of food required to provide a minimally adequate diet for the worlds population. To predict that insufficient food production will cause a hunger crisis in the future is nonsense. Any hunger crisis will result from a distribution problem rather than a production problem. The statement above assumes which of the following?

A.The world"s food requirements are greater than they will be in the future.

B.A shortfall in the world"s food production can be prevented by a better distribution system.

C.The world"s food production will continue to be sufficient to meet or exceed needs.

D.The distribution of the world"s existing food supply will be improved in the future.

E.The world hunger crisis will not exist in the future.

Some United States psychologists have concluded that one specific set of parental behaviors toward children always signifies acceptance and a second set always signifies rejection, for there is remarkable agreement among investigators about the maternal behaviors designated as indicative of these parental attitudes. The conclusion of the psychologists mentioned above logically depends on the assumption that

A.most maternal behaviors have been interpreted as conveying either acceptance or rejection.

B.the maternal behaviors indicating acceptance or rejection are exhibited by fathers as well.

C.the behaviors of fathers toward children have been studied as carefully as have the behaviors of mothers.

D.acceptance and rejection are the easiest to recognize of all parental behaviors.

E.parental attitudes are best conveyed through behaviors that the parents have consciously agreed on.

Some geologists argue that if oil is as common in unsam-pled areas of the world as it is in those already sampled, our current estimate of reserves that exist underground must be multiplied by a factor of 10,000. From this we can conclude that we can meet the oil needs of the entire world for at least five centuries, even assuming that future consumption grows at an accelerating rate. To reach the stated conclusion, the author must assume which of the following?

A.It is possible to recover the oil contained in unexplored areas of the world.

B.The consumption rate for oil will not grow rapidly.

C.Oil will remain an important energy source for at least 500 years.

D.The world will achieve and maintain zero population growth.

E.New technology will make oil discovery and drilling more feasible than ever before.



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