Fossils of the coral Acrocora palmata that date from the last period when glaciers grew an

Fossils of the coral Acrocora palmata that date from the last period when glaciers grew and consequently spread from the polar regions are found at ocean depths far greater than those at which A. palmata can now survive. Therefore, although the fossilized A. palmata appears indistinguishable from A. palmata now living, it must have differed in important respects to have been able to live in deep water. The argument depends on the assumption that fossils of the coral A. palmata have been found that date from periods when glaciers were not spreading from the polar regions.

B.geological disturbances since the last period during which glaciers spread have caused no major downward shift in the location of A. palmata fossils.

C.A. palmata now live in shallow waters in most of the same geographical regions as those in which deep-lying A. palmata fossils have been found.

D.A. patlmata fossils have been found that date from each of the periods during which glaciers are known to have spread from the polar region.

E.A. palmata can live at greater depths where the ocean temperature is colder than they can where the ocean temperature is warmer.


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Census data for Prenland show that unmarried Prenlandic men in their thirties outnumber unmarried Prenlandic women in that age group by about ten to one. Most of these men do wish to marry. Clearly, however, unless many of them marry women who are not Prenlandic, all but a minority will remain unmarried. The argument makes which of the following assumptions?

A.Emigration from Prenland is more common among women than among men.

B.A greater proportion of Prenlandic women in their thirties than of Prenlandic men of the same age would prefer to remain unmarried.

C.It is unlikely that many of these unmarried Prenlandic men will marry women more than a few years older than themselves.

D.Prenland has a high rate of divorce.

E.Most of the unmarried Prenlandic men are unwilling to marry women who are not Prenlandic.

Although the prevailing supposition has been that it is too hot for microorganisms to survive deep below the Earth s surface, some scientists argue that there are living communities of microorganisms there that have been cut off from surface life for millions of years. These scientists base their argument on the discovery of living microorganisms in samples of material that were taken from holes drilled as deep as 1.74 miles. The scientists argument depends on which of the following assumptions?

A.The microorganisms brought up were of a species that is related to those previously known to science.

B.No holes have been drilled into the Earth" s surface to a distance deeper than 1. 74 miles.

C.The microorganisms did not come from surface soil that came into contact with the drilling equipment.

D.The stratum from which the samples came has been below the surface of the Earth ever since the Earth came into existence.

E.The temperature at the bottom of the holes drilled was not significantly hotter than that of the hottest spots on the Earth"s surface.

Automobile exhaust is a serious pollution problem in Riverside, and instituting tolls at Riversides bridges would reduce the total number of miles traveled by automobiles. Nevertheless, overall pollution levels would not decrease because there would be long lines at the toll booths, and automobiles expel more exhaust per minute while idling than in any other driving situation. The argument above depends on which of the following assumptions?

A.Any reduction in automobile exhaust resulting from a reduction in the miles traveled by cars would be matched or surpassed by the additional exhaust resulting from toll lines.

B.Cars in Riverside spend more time, on average, idling than they do in other driving situations.

C.Increasing automobile exhaust at the bridges will not significantly affect air pollution because few drivers use the bridges in Riverside frequently.

D.Reducing automobile exhaust is not the most effective way of reducing air pollution.

E.The inconvenience of idling in the long toll lines at Riverside" s bridges will cause most drivers to change their driving routes, not the amount of driving that they do.

One state adds a 7 percent sales tax to the price of most products purchased within its jurisdiction. This tax, therefore, if viewed as tax on income, has the reverse effect of the federal income tax: the lower the income, the higher the annual percentage rate at which the income is taxed. The conclusion above would be properly drawn if which of the following were assumed as a premise?

A.The amount of money citizens spend on products subject to the state tax tends to be equal across income levels.

B.The federal income tax favors citizens with high incomes, whereas the state sales tax favors citizens with low incomes.

C.Citizens with low annual incomes can afford to pay a relatively higher percentage of their incomes in state sales tax, since their federal income tax is relatively low.

D.The lower a state"s sales tax, the more it will tend to redistribute income from the more affluent citizens to the rest of society.

E.Citizens who fail to earn federally taxable income are also exempt from the state sales tax.



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