The more television children watch, the less competent they are in mathematical knowledge.

The more television children watch, the less competent they are in mathematical knowledge. More than a third of children in the United States watch television for more than five hours a day; in South Korea the figure is only 7 percent. But whereas less than 15 percent of children in the United States understand advanced measurement and geometric concepts, 40 percent of South Korean children are competent in these areas. Therefore, if United States children are to do well in mathematics, they must watch less television. Which one of the following is an assumption upon which the argument depends?

A.Children in the United States are less interested in advanced measurement and geometric concepts than are South Korean children.

B.South Korean children are more disciplined about doing schoolwork than are children in the United States.

C.Children who want to do well in advanced measurement and geometry will watch less television.

D.A child"s ability in advanced measurement and geometry increases if he or she watches less than one hour of television a day.

E.The instruction in advanced measurement and geometric concepts available to children in the United States is not substantially worse than that available to South Korean children.


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Light utility trucks have become popular among consumers who buy them primarily for the trucks rugged appearance. Yet although, these trucks are tough-looking, they are exempt from the governments car-safety standards that dictate minimum roof strength and minimum resistance to impact. Therefore, if involved in a serious high-impact accident , a driver of one of these trucks is more likely to be injured than is a driver of a car that is subject to these government standards. The argument depends on the assumption that

A.the government has established safety standards for the construction of light utility trucks.

B.people who buy automobiles solely for their appearance are more likely than other people to drive recklessly.

C.light utility trucks are more likely than other kinds of vehicles to be involved in accidents that result in injuries.

D.the trucks" rugged appearance is deceptive in that their engines are not especially powerful.

E.light utility trucks are less likely to meet the car-safety standards than are cars that are subject to the standards.

Medical research findings are customarily not made public prior to their publication in a medical journal that has had them reviewed by a panel of experts in a process called peer review. It is claimed that this practice delays public access to potentially beneficial information that, in extreme instances, could save lives. Yet prepublication peer review is the only way to prevent erroneous and therefore potentially harmful information from reaching a public that is ill equipped to evaluate medical claims on its own. Therefore, waiting until a medical journal has published the research findings that have passed peer review is the price that must be paid to protect the public from making decisions based on possibly substandard research. The argument assumes that

A.unless medical research findings are brought to peer review by a medical journal, peer review will not occur.

B.anyone who does not serve on a medical review panel does not have the necessary knowledge and expertise to evaluate medical research findings.

C.the general public does not have access to the medical journals in which research findings are published.

D.all medical research findings are subjected to prepublica-tion peer review.

E.peer review panels are sometimes subject to political and professional pressures that can make their judgments less than impartial.

In Malsenia sales of classical records are soaring. The buyers responsible for this boom are quite new to classical music and were drawn to it either by classical scores from television commercials or by theme tunes introducing major sports events on television. Audiences at classical concerts, however, are continually shrinking in Malsenia. It can be concluded from this that the new Malsenian Converts to classical music, having initially experienced this music as recorded music, are most comfortable with classical music as recorded music and really have no desire to hear live performances. The argument assumes which one of the following?

A.To sell well in Malsenia, a classical record must include at least one piece familiar from television.

B.At least some of the new Malsenian buyers of classical records have available to them the coupon of attending classical concerts.

C.The number of classical concerts performed in Malsenia has not decreased in response to smaller audiences.

D.The classical records available in Malsenia are for the most part not recordings of actual public concerts.

E.Classical concerts in Malsenia are not limited to music that is really available on recordings.

The average life expectancy for the United States population as a whole is 9 years, but children born in Hawaii will live an average of 77 years, and those born in Louisiana, 71.7 years. If a newlywed couple from Louisiana were to begin their family in Hawaii, therefore, their children would be expected to live longer than would be the case if the family remained in Louisiana. Which of the following statements, if true, would most significantly strengthen the conclusion drawn in the passage?

A.As population density increases in Hawaii, life expectancy figures for that state are likely to be revised downward.

B.Environmental factors tending to favor longevity are abundant in Hawaii and less numerous in Louisiana.

C.Twenty-five percent of all Louisianians who move to Hawaii live longer than 77 years.

D.Over the last decade, average life expectancy has risen at a higher rate for Louisianians than for Hawaiians.

E.Studies show that the average life expectancy for Hawaiians who move permanently to Louisiana is roughly equal to that of Hawaiians who remain in Hawaii.



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