If 20% of x equals 16, then x=______
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Tina goes to the store to purchase some CDs and DVDs. CDs cost $15 and DVDs cost $18. Whic
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What is the greatest positive integer x such that 2x is a factor of 1210?
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What is the Greatest Common Factor of 48 and 72?
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3x-y= 184x=24-6y
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A certain integer n is a multiple of both 5 and 9. Must n be a multiple of 15?
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Kathy was twice as old as Jim 2 years ago. Today, Jim is j years old. In terms of j, how o
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Mark is older than Frank, but younger than David. If m, f, and d represent the ages, in ye
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What are the solution sets for x2+2x-48?
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For the function f(x)=x2-4x+8, what is the value of f(6)?
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What is the measure of the angle that is complementary to a 25° angle?
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What is the mode of the data given below? 7,3,6,7,5,8,9,7
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If a square prism has an edge of 5 inches, what is the volume of the square?
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Tiffany inflates a beach ball. If the diameter of the ball is 0.6 m, what is its volume?
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If x=15, then 4x- ______ =42
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How many more medals did Germany win than South Korea?
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For the function f(x)=x2+x, what is the value of f(-5)?
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