The apparent rigidity of military discipline often (i) ______ the surprising level of inde
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The emu, far from being endangered, has actually been (i) ______; it is one of the few Aus
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Both discipline-based and affection-based parenting methods stand the chance of underminin
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Body language involves a combination of multiple facial (i) ______ and various physical po
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PIED:A.brilliantB.accurately depictedC.exquisitely
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SECTION 3Directions: Each passage in this group is followed by questions based on its cont
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POSE: AFFECTATION ::A.contemplate:solutionB.suppress:lustC.preen:self-satisfactionD.deny:c
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ENTICE: INTEREST ::A.insinuate:estimateB.plot:planC.inspect:clarifyD.harass:disregardE.por
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PHLEGMATIC: PERTURB ::A.ineffable:ignoreB.greedy:goadC.invincible:subdueD.peaceful:mollify
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CONVOKE:A.adjournB.eliminateC.shortenD.pardonE.leave out
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It can be inferred from the passage that Anderson would be most likely to agree with which
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Anderson's new theory is controversial for asserting that Britain might have retained its
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According to the passage, the optics of the vent crab Bythograea thermydron (line 4 ) serv
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