United States advertising agencies are increasingly using interviews at shopping malls, ca

United States advertising agencies are increasingly using interviews at shopping malls, called "mall intercepts", to test for advertising effectiveness, product concept viability, and consumer buying habits. Critics of mall intercepts maintain that the shopping habits of mall shoppers are not representative of those of the larger population. Which of the following, if true, would provide evidence that most supports the critics claim about mall intercepts?

A.Some mall shoppers patronize more than one store in any given shopping trip.

B.Mall shoppers, on average, spend 50 percent more time shopping than shoppers at other locations do.

C.In the course of any year, 95 percent of all households in the United States have at least one member who does some shopping at a mall.

D.Mall shoppers who use public transportation to reach the mall tend to have lower incomes than mall shoppers who drive to the mall.

E.Indoor malls often attract the customary numbers of shoppers even during inclement weather when outdoor malls are likely to lose business.


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"Headhunters" are firms that, for a fee, undertake to recruit for their clients personnel who are greatly needed yet hard to find. The clients, in turn, require that they be off-limits to headhunters whose services they buy; i. e. , head-hunters cannot raid one client s staff on behalf of other clients. Of the following, which would, if feasible, be the best strategy for a company to pursue if that company wanted both to use headhunters to fill a vacancy and, if successful in filling the vacancy, to reduce the risk of losing the newly hired employee to a competitor?

A.Find out which headhunters recruit workers of the sort being sought and employ all those headhunters.

B.Find out which headhunter has the highest success rate in recruiting for its clients and hire that firm.

C.Find out how much the company"s competitors currently pay staff of the sort being sought and offer to pay prospective employees higher salaries.

D.Find out whether any of the company"s competitors are seeking to recruit workers of the sort being sought and, if so, make sure not to hire the same headhunters that they hire.

E.Find out which of the company"s competitors are on the client lists of the headhunters who are being considered for the job.

Jan: People should not go to the new exhibition of Thorntons paintings. Thornton will be given a portion of the admission proceeds and Thornton, a violent sociopath, should not be supported. Kim: Your recommendation is inconsistent with your actions, because you read poems by poets who also were violent sociopaths. Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest basis for Jan to counter Kims argument?

A.Thornton" s portion of the exhibition" s proceeds are being donated to a cause deemed worthy by Thornton.

B.It is quite difficult, if not impossible, for Jan to discover the behavioral tendencies of the artists Jan reads.

C.Kim does not use products made by companies whose hiring practices Kim finds abhorrent.

D.The poets derived no benefit from Jan"s reading their poems.

E.The poets" violent behavior. is better known to the public than is Thornton"s violent behavior.

Government bans on the dumping of sludge anywhere in the ocean are based on the belief that the spread of sludge by ocean currents poses a danger to people. Since it is not clear that sludge dumped on the ocean bottom, far from coasts, would endanger people, the bans should be revised to apply only to coastal waters. Each of the following, if true, supports the conclusion that the bans on ocean dumping should be revised EXCEPT:

A.The slow-moving water near the ocean bottom mixes so slowly with water closer to the surface that sludge dumped on the ocean bottom would be decomposed by bacteria before currents could bring it to the surface.

B.Many locations on the ocean bottom far from coasts are geologically stable, and unlikely to be disrupted by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

C.Deep-sea marine plants and animals in the human food chain live at depths far above the ocean bottom.

D.Dumping large amounts of sludge would have an unknown effect on organisms that live on the ocean bottom.

E.The technology exists to lower sewage sludge to ocean-bottom dump sites without contaminating waters closer to the surface.

Counselor: Every year a popular newsmagazine publishes a list of United States colleges, ranking them according to an overall numerical score that is a composite of ratings according to several criteria. However, the overall scores generally should not be used by students as the basis for deciding to which colleges to apply. Which of the following, if true, most helps to justify the counselor s recommendation?

A.The vast majority of people who purchase the magazine in which the list appears are not college-bound students.

B.Colleges that are ranked highest in the magazine"s list use this fact in advertisements aimed at attracting students.

C.The rankings seldom change from one year to the next.

D.The significance that particular criteria have for any two students is likely to differ according to the students" differing needs.

E.Some college students who are pleased with their schools considered the magazine"s rankings before deciding which college to attend.



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