Public education suffers from what can be diagnosed as the sickness of an overgoverned soc

Public education suffers from what can be diagnosed as the sickness of an overgoverned society. This sickness denies many parents control over the kind of education their children receive. The power once held by parents has gravitated to professional educators. The sickness has been aggravated by increasing centralization and bureaucratization of schools. Which of the following, if true, would weaken the claim that there is continuing erosion of parents control over their childrens education?

A.As a result of community pressure, growing numbers of school administrators follow recommendations made by parents.

B.The number of professional educators has risen sharply over the last decade even though the number of students has declined.

C.Parents" organizations that lobby for changes in school curriculums are generally ineffectual.

D.More members of school boards are appointed by school administrators than are elected by the public.

E.The use of state-wide curriculum programs increased in the Untied States during the past two decades.


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The value of a product is determined by the ratio of its quality to its price. The higher the value of a product, the better will be its competitive position. Therefore, either increasing the quality or lowering the price of a given product will increase the likelihood that consumer will select that product rather than a competing one. Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the conclusion drawn above?

A.It is possible to increase both the quality and the price of a product without changing its competitive position.

B.For certain segments of the population of consumers, higher-priced brands of some product lines are preferred to the lower-priced brands.

C.Competing products often try to appeal to different segments of the population of consumers.

D.The competitive position of a product can be affected by such factors as advertising and brand loyalty.

E.Consumers" perceptions of the quality of a product are based on the actual quality of the product.

Sales of telephones have increased dramatically over the last year. In order to take advantage of this increase, Mammoth Industries plans to expand production of its own model of telephone, while continuing its already very extensive advertising of this product. Which of the following, if true, provides most support for the view that Mammoth Industries cannot increase its sales of telephones by adopting the plan outlined above?

A.Although it sells all of the telephones that it produces, Mammoth Industries" share of all telephone sales has declined over the last year.

B.Mammoth Industries" average inventory of telephones awaiting shipment to retailers has declined slightly over the last year.

C.Advertising has made the brand name of Mammoth Industries" telephones widely known, but few consumers know that Mammoth industries owns this brand.

D.Mammoth Industries" telephone is one of the three brands of telephone that have together accounted for the bulk of the last year"s increase in sales.

E.Despite a slight decline in the retail price, sales of Mammoth Industries" telephones have fallen in the last year.

Useful protein drugs, such as insulin, must still be administered by the cumbersome procedure of injection under the skin. If proteins are taken orally, they are digested and cannot reach their target cells. Certain nonprotein drugs, however, contain chemical bonds that are not broken down by the digestive system. They can, thus, be taken orally. The statements above most strongly support a claim that a research procedure that successfully accomplishes which of the following would be beneficial to users of protein drugs?

A.Coating insulin with compounds that are broken down by target cells, but whose chemical bonds are resistant to digestion.

B.Converting into protein compounds, by procedures that work in the laboratory, the nonprotein drugs that resist digestion.

C.Removing permanently from the digestive system any substances that digest proteins.

D.Determining, in a systematic way, what enzymes and bacteria are present in the normal digestive system and whether they tend to be broken down within the body.

E.Determining the amount of time each nonprotein drug takes to reach its target cells.

There is a great deal of geographical variation in the frequency of many surgical procedures—up to tenfold variation per hundred thousand between different areas in the numbers of hysterectomies, prostatectomies, and tonsillectomies. To support a conclusion that much of the variation is due to unnecessary surgical procedures, it would be most important to establish which of the following?

A.A local board of review at each hospital examines the records of every operation to determine whether the surgical procedure was necessary.

B.The variation is unrelated to factors(other than the surgical procedures themselves)that influence the incidence of diseases for which surgery might be considered.

C.There are several categories of surgical procedure(other than hysterectomies, prostatectomies, and tonsillectomies)that are often performed unnecessarily.

D.For certain surgical procedures, it is difficult to determine after the operation whether the procedures were necessary or whether alternative treatment would have succeeded.

E.With respect to how often they are performed unnecessarily, hysterectomies, prostatectomies, and tonsillectomies are representative of surgical procedures in general.



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