Many breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamin supplements. Some of these cereals provi

Many breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamin supplements. Some of these cereals provide 100 percent of the recommended daily requirement of vitamins. Nevertheless, a well-balanced breakfast, including a variety of foods, is a better source of those vitamins than are such fortified breakfast cereals alone. Which of the following, if true, would most strongly support the position above?

A.In many foods, the natural combination of vitamins with other nutrients makes those vitamins more usable by the body than are vitamins added in vitamin supplements.

B.People who regularly eat cereals fortified with vitamin supplements sometimes neglect to eat the foods in which the vitamins occur naturally.

C.Foods often must be fortified with vitamin supplements because naturally occurring vitamins are removed during processing.

D.Unprocessed cereals are naturally high in several of the vitamins that are usually added to fortified breakfast cereals.

E.Cereals containing vitamin supplements are no harder to digest than similar cereals without added vitamins.


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Infection is the biggest threat to the life of a burn patient. The skin, the bodys natural barrier against bacteria, is damaged or gone in the burned areas. The bacteria that are a threat are unpredictable in both variety and number. Moreover, those found affecting any one patient may change completely from one day to the next. The standard treatment, therefore, is the administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Considering only the information given about burn patients in the passage above, which of the following is most likely to enhance the effectiveness of the standard treatment of a burn patient?

A.Keeping the patient in an air-conditioned room until recovery is assured.

B.Keeping the areas affected by burns as dry as possible.

C.Continuously monitoring the patient"s vital signs with electronic equipment.

D.Feeding the patient a diet extra rich in calories.

E.Keeping the patient in a maximally sterile environment.

For many people in the United States who are concerned about the cost of heating homes and businesses, wood has become an alternative energy source to coal, oil, and gas. Nevertheless, wood will never supply more than a modest fraction of our continuing energy needs. Which of the following, if true, does NOT support the claim made in the last sentence in the passage above?

A.There are many competing uses for a finite supply of wood, and suppliers give the lumber and paper industries a higher priority than they give individual consumers.

B.Wood produces thick smoke in burning, and its extensive use in densely populated cities would violate federal antipollution guidelines.

C.There are relatively narrow limits to how far wood can be trucked before it becomes more economical to burn the gasoline used for transportation instead of the wood.

D.Most apartment dwellers do not have adequate storage space for the amount of wood necessary to supply energy for heating.

E.Most commercial users of energy are located within range of a wood supply, and two-thirds of United States homes are located outside of metropolitan areas.

Approximately 5,000 people who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes in the state have been given community-service sentences instead of prison sentences. These offenders perform. services commensurate with their training and skills, from scrubbing floors to conducting research for the state. The community-service program, which began in 1979, has grown immensely as a result of drunken-driver legislation enacted a few months ago. The introduction of the community-service program in 1979 was most probably prompted by which of the following, all of which occurred during the 1970 s?

A.A decrease in the number of violent crimes in the state.

B.An increase in the number of crimes committed by employees of the state.

C.A gradual decrease in the median age of judges in the state.

D.The overcrowding of prisons in the state.

E.The passage of drunken-driver legislation in other states.

Researchers have discovered a new poison, bromethalin, that is lethal to all rats, even to those species that have become immune to other poisons, as well as to those rats that eat only the most minute quantities. Tests have demonstrated that rats will not learn to avoid bromethalin and that carcasses of rats killed by bromethalin pose no threat to the well-being of other animals. Which of the following statements, if true, would support the researchers claim that carcasses of rats killed by bromethalin will not pose a threat to other animals?

A.Rats that consume bromethalin die immediately.

B.Animals, prompted by curiosity, often examine carcasses that appear in their territory.

C.Chemicals in the digestive tract of dead rats quickly break bromethalin down into a nontoxic substance.

D.Traces of bromethalin remain in the rat" s mouth and saliva after the rat eats the poison.

E.Certain animals are scavengers and feed habitually on refuse and dead flesh.



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