The price the government pays for standard weapons purchased from military contractors is

The price the government pays for standard weapons purchased from military contractors is determined by a pricing method called "historical costing." Historical costing allows contractors to protect their profits by adding a percentage increase, based on the current rate of inflation, to the previous years contractual price. Which of the following statements, if true, is the best basis for a criticism of historical costing as an economically sound pricing method for military contracts?

A.The government might continue to pay for past inefficient use of funds.

B.The rate of inflation has varied considerably over the past twenty years.

C.The contractual price will be greatly affected by the cost of materials used for the products.

D.Many taxpayers question the amount of money the government spends on military contracts.

E.The pricing method based on historical costing might not encourage the development of innovative weapons.


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It is important to teach students to use computers effectively. Therefore, students should be taught computer programming in school. Which of the following, if true, most weakens the argument above?

A.Only people who use computers effectively are skilled at computer programming.

B.Only people skilled at computer programming use computers effectively.

C.Some people who use computers effectively cannot write computer programs.

D.Some schools teach computer programming more effectively than others.

E.Most people who are able to program computers use computers effectively.

A research study reports that a particular educational program has improved the prospects for success in later schooling for those children aged three to five who were subjects of the study. It follows, then, that introducing similar programs for all children aged three to five will improve their chances for success in later schooling. Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument above?

A.The parents of preschool children in the United States are attracted to educational fads and do not have a clear idea of what sorts of early education programs might benefit their children.

B.The cognitive abilities of children are constantly changing between ages three and five.

C.The researchers unwittingly included a substantial number of children who had been previously exposed to another educational enrichment program.

D.Many parents erroneously presume that early formal instruction takes up time that children could better spend exploring their worlds independently.

E.It would require extraordinary public expense to establish such educational enrichment programs on a national basis.

The recent decline in the value of the dollar was triggered by a prediction of slower economic growth in the coming year. But that prediction would not have adversely affected the dollar had it not been for the government s huge budget deficit, which must therefore be decreased to prevent future currency declines. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the conclusion about how to prevent future currency declines?

A.The government has made little attempt to reduce the budget deficit.

B.The budget deficit has not caused a slowdown in economic growth.

C.The value of the dollar declined several times in the year prior to the recent prediction of slower economic growth.

D.Before there was a large budget deficit, predictions of slower economic growth frequently caused declines in the dollar s value.

E.When there is a large budget deficit, other events in addition to predictions of slower economic growth sometimes trigger declines in currency value.

The imposition of quotas limiting imported steel will not help the big American steel mills. In fact, the quotas will help "mini-mills" flourish in the United States. Those small domestic mills will take more business from the big American steel mills than would have been taken by the foreign steel mills in the absence of quotas. Which of the following, if true, would cast the most serious doubt on the claim made in the last sentence above?

A.Quality rather than price is a major factor in determining the type of steel to be used for a particular application.

B.Foreign steel mills have long produced grades of steel comparable in quality to the steel produced by the big American mills.

C.American quotas on imported goods have often induced other countries to impose similar quotas on American goods.

D.Domestic "mini-mills" consistently produce better grades of steel than do the big American mills.

E.Domestic "mini-mills" produce low-volume, specialized types of steels that are not produced by the big American steel mills.



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