Environment is to us what water is to fish—on no ______ can we live without it!A.propertyB
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On Christmas Eve, our tree was decorated with shining ______, such as colored lights and g
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We had a good time there, and the food was plentiful and very ______.A.conduciveB.helpfulC
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As the road was blocked by a rock, the travelers had to ______ up a rocky slope on their w
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The TV station has hired more than 65 people to get its Washington,D.C.operation ______.A.
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Mary became ______ homesick, so she fled from her home in L.A. to her hometown in Austria.
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It seems somewhat______ to expect her to marry a man who she barely knows about for money.
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On the road motorists should be aware of cyclists and be ______ towards them.A.considering
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The Copenhagen conference is looking to agree on a(n)______ that will be built on the curr
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Please ______ from smoking until the airplane is airborne.A.resistB.preventC.refrainD.rest
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I went to Paris in 2008, which was the only occasion when I ______ the journey in exactly
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Is this novel ______ Mr. Zhang referred to last week?A.thatB.whatC.whichD.the one
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If there were no polysemy, Chinese______ much easier to learn.A.will beB.could have beenC.
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All you do now is ______ the housework before your mom arrives home.A.having finishedB.fin
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A: May I smoke here? B: If you ______, choose a seat in the smoking section.A.shouldB.coul
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He was hoping to take part in the drivers license test, but his parents ______ that they w
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Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?A.I told him this morning that I should be t
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All the following sentences indicate a subjunctive mood EXCEPTA.Jack wishes that he had st
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"It seems that Joan arrived late for the conference." The sentence means thatA.Joan seems
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Nowadays, some companies have work-from-home or remote working policies, which means that
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