5 Gagarin wishes to persuade a number of wealthy individuals who are business contacts to

5 Gagarin wishes to persuade a number of wealthy individuals who are business contacts to invest in his company,

Vostok Ltd. He also requires advice on the recoverability of input tax relating to the purchase of new premises.

The following information has been obtained from a meeting with Gagarin.

Vostok Ltd:

– An unquoted UK resident company.

– Gagarin owns 100% of the company’s ordinary share capital.

– Has 18 employees.

– Provides computer based services to commercial companies.

– Requires additional funds to finance its expansion.

Funds required by Vostok Ltd:

– Vostok Ltd needs to raise £420,000.

– Vostok Ltd will issue 20,000 shares at £21 per share on 31 August 2008.

– The new shareholder(s) will own 40% of the company.

– Part of the money raised will contribute towards the purchase of new premises for use by Vostok Ltd.

Gagarin’s initial thoughts:

– The minimum investment will be 5,000 shares and payment will be made in full on subscription.

– Gagarin has a number of wealthy business contacts who may be interested in investing.

– Gagarin has heard that it may be possible to obtain tax relief for up to 60% of the investment via the enterprise

investment scheme.

Wealthy business contacts:

– Are all UK resident higher rate taxpayers.

– May wish to borrow the funds to invest in Vostok Ltd if there is a tax incentive to do so.

New premises:

– Will cost £446,500 including value added tax (VAT).

– Will be used in connection with all aspects of Vostok Ltd’s business.

– Will be sold for £600,000 plus VAT in six years time.

– Vostok Ltd will waive the VAT exemption on the sale of the building.

The VAT position of Vostok Ltd:

– In the year ending 31 March 2009, 28% of Vostok Ltd’s supplies will be exempt for the purposes of VAT.

– This percentage is expected to reduce over the next few years.

– Irrecoverable input tax due to the company’s partially exempt status exceeds the de minimis limits.


(a) Prepare notes for Gagarin to use when speaking to potential investors. The notes should include:

(i) The tax incentives immediately available in respect of the amount invested in shares issued in

accordance with the enterprise investment scheme; (5 marks)

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(ii) The answers to any questions that the potential investors may raise in connection with the maximumpossible investment, borrowing to finance the subscription and the implications of selling the shares.(7 marks)Note: you should assume that Vostok Ltd and its trade qualify for the purposes of the enterprise investmentscheme and you are not required to list the conditions that need to be satisfied by the company, itsshares or its business activities.
(b) Calculate the amount of input tax that will be recovered by Vostok Ltd in respect of the new premises in theyear ending 31 March 2009 and explain, using illustrative calculations, how any additional recoverable inputtax will be calculated in future years. (5 marks)



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