The Wood Crafting Shed is a great place to buy wooden products, especially ______ for the

The Wood Crafting Shed is a great place to buy wooden products, especially ______ for the children.


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The avocado fruit that is grown at Summerland is picked by ______.
听力原文:  Now, are you all set for the tour? We'll leave the car park and walk in an easterly direction towards the administration building with the parking spaces outside. We won't go into the admin building because there's nothing much to see there; instead, we'll walk in a north-easterly direction towards the museum but before we get to it we're going to turn right, walk past it, and go into that enormous building to watch how the avocados are graded and packed.  Well, what did you think of that? Those packers have to work very fast as you can see. Now as we come out of this building we'll go to our left and around the back towards the cool room. Of course this is where all the fruit is stored after packing—there are a lot of boxes of fruit in there—nothing very interesting to look at, but we will stop at the other building to see how they make the cardboard cartons. See how everything is mechanized so there is very little labor involved? I'm intrigued by how those machines operate just like clockwork.  It does get very hot in there, though, doesn't it, which makes the thought of a peek inside the cool room quite attractive. But, no, we'll skip that and make towards the building in the far north-eastern corner of the facility where they take the husks off the macadamia nuts. It's quite noisy but absolutely fascinating.  Now, we'll take a shortcut heading west through the orchard to the woodcrafters' workroom and shop and H1 give you a few minutes to browse. Take note of where this is because I'm sure you'll want to come back here later this afternoon in your free time  Is everyone still with us? Right, let's go south now and take a leisurely walk through the picnic and playground area with the water feature but we want to end up over at the garden shop at the northern end of the car park. We'll have to walk through the little gift shop first to gain access to the garden shop and I'm sure you won't be able to resist getting some nice little presents for the folks at home.  Are you ready for lunch now? I know it's been a whirlwind tour but the restaurant has us booked in for 12.30 and after that you're free to take your time wandering around until the bus leaves at 3 p.m.Label plan below.  Choose your answers from the box below and write the letters A-H next to questions 17-20.  A.Avocado Packing Shed  B.Car Park  C.Carton Manufacturing Shed  D.Cool Room  E.Gift Shop  F.Garden Shop  G.Macadamia De-husking Shed  H.Museum(17)



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