Speaker A: I&39;m sorry. The brand of camera you want is not available now. Speaker B: ___
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Firefighters are often asked to speak to school and community groups about the importance
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SpeakerA: Could you break a 100-dollar bill for me? Speaker B: ___________.A.OK. How much
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Speaker A: We have a booking for tonight. The name&39;s Cliff Speaker B: ___________. ...?
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Mayor Boris Johnson is __________ about the future of his bike hire plan.A.optimisticB.con
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Speaker A: We&39;re having a few people over for dinner Saturday.______________. Speaker B
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SpeakerA: Peter, I&39;m awfully sorry. I won&39;t be able to come this Friday. Speaker B:
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Some members of the committee suggested that the meetingA.being postponedB.to be postponed
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下面加点的词,意义相同的一组是A.①这种不良现象的产生往往是受狭隘..利益驱动的结果。 ②“边
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Huesman had to receive a heart transplant because ____________.A.he had an inherited heart
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Man: Do you have any check-in luggage? Woman: ____________. They&39;re heavy. I hope they&
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在下面各句横线处,依次填人最恰当的词语。 ①他们仅用一年时间就_______了连年亏损的势头,实现
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下面各组成语中,加点字的意义四个都不相同的一组是A.沽名.钓誉 徒有虚名. 不可名.状 师出无
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Tony Huesman, a heart transplant recipient (接受者) who lived a record 31 years with a sin
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___________ no gravity, there would be no air around the earth, hence no lifeA.If there ha
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