There is growing interest in East Japan Railway Co. ltd., one of the six companies, create
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A.powerB.concept .C.historyD.role
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根据下述材料,写一篇700字左右的论说文,题目自拟。 一家企业遇到了这样一个问题:究竟是把有限的
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In an essay entitled “Making It in America” the author Adam Davison relates a joke from co
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A.dominantB.original .C.temporaryD.similar
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The advantages of electronic money, you might think that we would move quickly to the cash
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A.silentB.sudden .C.slowD.steady
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A.reword .B.resist .C.resumeD.reverse
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A.give upB.take over .C.bring backD.pass down
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A.collectB.provide .C.copyD.print
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Pretty in pink: adult women do not rememer being so obsessed with the colour, yet it is pe
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A.unlessB.because .C.untilD.though
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A.expensiveB.imaginative .C.sensitiveD.productive
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A.keptB.borrowed .C.withdrawD.released
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