Tinea is a skin infection caused by certain fungi. A significant fraction of the people wh
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In any negotiations between a party with limited aims and an opposing party with unlimited
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The greatest chance for the existence of extraterrestrial life is on a planet beyond our s
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Statistics over four consecutive years showed that four percent more automobile accidents
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Traditionally, decision-making by managers that is reasoned step-by-step has been consider
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The more television children watch, the less competent they are in mathematical knowledge.
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No computer will ever be able to do everything that some human minds can do, for there are
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How do the airlines expect to prevent commercial plane crashes? Studies have shown that pi
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Researchers have found that when very overweight people, who tend to have relatively low m
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Fossils of the coral Acrocora palmata that date from the last period when glaciers grew an
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To provide extra revenue for improving city bus service, the mayor of Greenville proposed
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Children whose biological parents both have Tic Syndrome Z(TSZ), which is characterized by
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United States advertising agencies are increasingly using interviews at shopping malls, ca
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Any lender about to make a loan wishes to know the real rate of interest; i. e. , the cont
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Many breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamin supplements. Some of these cereals provi
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The average age and racing experience of the drivers at the Indianapolis 500 automobile ra
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Bats emit sounds and generally use the echoes of these sounds highly efficiently to detect
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Public education suffers from what can be diagnosed as the sickness of an overgoverned soc
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If athletes want better performances, they should train at high altitudes. At higher altit
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The price the government pays for standard weapons purchased from military contractors is
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