In the figure above, what is the value of x? (1) 2y=100. (2) ABCD is a parallelogram.
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The figure above shows the shape of a brick patio. If arc AB is a semicircle and ABCD is a
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What is the number of male employees at the factory? (1) If the factory were to hire 150 m
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If Z is represented by the decimal 0. W7, what is the digit W?
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For real numbers a, b, and c, is ab=bc+3? (1) ab=3b (2) b+3=c
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A hotdog vendor sold $45 worth of hotdogs at lunchtime Tuesday. Each hotdog cost $1.50. Wh
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A box contains 90 jelly beans, of which some are orange, some are purple, and some are bla
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Any decimal that has a finite number of nonzero digits is a terminating decimal. For examp
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If each of the segments marked on the board above is of equal length, and if x and y repre
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Was the price of a certain stereo in March greater than its price in May? (1) The price of
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What is the value of fg/h? (1) f=h/2 (2) h=5g
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If the ratio of brown cars to blue cars in a certain parking lot is 2:3, how many brown ca
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If the square root of t is a real number, is the square root of t positive? (1) t>0 (2) t2
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Over a holiday weekend, a certain car dealer sold off 4 of the cars on its lot. If the car
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If w+x+y=42, what is the value of wxy? (1) x and y are consecutive odd integers (2) w=2x
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What is the value of f2-g2? (1) f=-g+8 (2) f=g-2
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In triangle ABC, what is the length of AB? (1) The length of BC is 5 and the length of AC
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In the xy plane, is the point (4, -2) on the line l? (1) Point (1, 1) is on line l. (2) Th
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A total of 72 passengers are on a ship, and they go out on an excursion in boats R and Q.
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The figure above shows the shape of a flowerbed. If arcs WZ and XY are semicircles and WXY
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