Do something for somebody.
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We should help these children with their homework. These children______by us with their ho
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the day on which a person was born
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You walk into and out of a room through it.
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People wear it to protect their feet.
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Help was often given to him by us. We often ______ him ______.
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This task is too difficult.I think we&39; d better turn __ him for help.A.toB.ofC.from
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Would you please buy some milk, David?There_______ in the fridgc.A.aren’t manyB.are very f
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You should always _______some time practicing English if you want to make progress.A.takeB
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---Can I help you? --Well, I &39;m afraid the box is_______heavy for you, but thank you
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This island is _______a dependency (属地)to moreC.not any more
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He spent 20 dollars on the shirt.The shirt ______ him 20 dollars.
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Many people were watching the match yesterday afternoon.There were many people ______ the
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I study hard in order to pass the exam.I study hard in order______ ______ ______ pass the
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When the North Pole is tilted away from the sun,
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People do it with eyes.
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People do it with water.
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You need this to sleep on.
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You sit down and have a meal there.
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You have them as a part of your meal.
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