Read the letter form. a customer, Ding. Dear Sir, We have received the recorders. But we
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............people from the office see two men they know having dinner together,A.Whet
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Office furniture direct from the manufacturer Free delivery; 21-day money back guarantee;
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in order to benefit from (12)............sensible advice.A.theirB.hisC.its
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Read the article below about time management. Choose the correct word to fill each gap fro
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DOWNTOWN APARTMENTS Immediate occupancy The most favourable price $ 1,270 upwar
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medium of electronic publishing (12) well as books.A.asB.tooC.much
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the largest number coming from France and
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The group chairman wants everyone to learn Portuguese and Spanish.A.RightB.WrongC.Doesn"t
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MEMO To: Factory staff From: Factory Manager Date: 19 November 2008 Subject: Quality c
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You have to change the date of a meeting with a client, Mr. John Williams. Write an e-mail
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But companies should also【C11】______into account the wishes of the employee themselves.A.t
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The number of serious injuries was well down on the previous year but the need for medical
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Paris to Lyon by train (6) two hours;A.takeB.tookC.takes
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Read the review below of a book about interviewing job applicants. Are sentences 1-7 on th
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Executives who (15) those pricing tactics without considering their impactA.engageB.appoin
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get the payment out of the (8) earlyA.roadB.wayC.lineD.path
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A Risky TryA Focus on what you do best. This age-old strategy has worked well for RealNetw
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As a result of the protection (11)… by the FDICA.providedB.providingC.provided withD.provi
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and most depositors (4)…their moneyA.lostB.had lostC.will lostD.would lose
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