Color flags and balloons ___ the attraction of the festival.
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A JOB WITH RISKS Have you ever been to the cinema and wondered in amazement. how AMAZE
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MY HOME TOWN I was born in one of the the most interesting cities in Malaysia. It has a ri
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You see the following notice in an international magazine. Be someone famous for a day If
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It is sometimes possible to have a boat ride.
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Things which used to be used in the House are part of the exhibition.
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The current inhabitants belong to the Highfield family.
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QUESTIONS 16-20For questions 16-20, mark the correct letter A-H on your answer sheet.Amy:
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PART 3 &8226;You have to write a story for your English homework.&8226;Your story must hav
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You can buy plants in what was formerly the walled garden.
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PUTTING ON A STAGE SHOWThe opening night of a stage show means excitement and glamour. EX
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It looks as if Susan has left her jacket behind.seemsSusan ____________________ her jacket
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The Manager 16 MarchNorth Line TrainsLondonDear Sir, On 14 March, I got on the 12.45 train
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Antonio only lost the 100-metre race because he fell.notIf Antonio had ___________________
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You can sit on this on the beach or use it to dry yourself.t ______
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This is a bad time to be ill.
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Parents are spending increasing amounts of their money on traditional toys.
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There are fewer toy advertisements on British television than there used to be.
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听力原文:What music will they have at the party?Woman: Are you going to bring your guitar
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THE PAINTING 0 In the village where I grew up, everyone knew an old man00 who spent all of
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