It is sometimes possible to have a boat ride.
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Things which used to be used in the House are part of the exhibition.
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The current inhabitants belong to the Highfield family.
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PART 3 &8226;You have to write a story for your English homework.&8226;Your story must hav
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You can buy plants in what was formerly the walled garden.
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It is a forty-minute bus journey to her office.The bus journey to her office _____________
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If you have between 10 and 20 people in your group, cheaper tickets are available.
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&8226;This is part of a letter you receive from an English-speaking friend.&8226;Now write
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PART 2You are going to a concert this evening with a group of friends and want to ask your
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The tea room can supply picnics.
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The shop sells paintings by artists who work in the area.
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听力原文:Woman: Today, I want to tell you about the Good Food Show at the Capital Exhibiti
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Driving a car in the town centre is not allowed.You are not allowed ____________________ c
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The House is closed on Sundays in July.
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PART 2 For each of these numbers mark the correct letter on your answer sheet.Looking for
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&8226;Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.&8226;Your story must begin with
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Bookings by credit card cost more.
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You must pay for tickets when you reserve them.
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PART 3 &8226;This is part of a letter you receive from a friend in the U.S.A.&8226;Now wri
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The car park is in front of the university building.
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