QUESTIONS 16-20For questions 16-20, mark the correct letter A-H on your answer sheet.Amy:
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The Manager 16 MarchNorth Line TrainsLondonDear Sir, On 14 March, I got on the 12.45 train
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You can sit on this on the beach or use it to dry yourself.t ______
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This is a bad time to be ill.
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听力原文:What music will they have at the party?Woman: Are you going to bring your guitar
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听力原文:Woman: Westwood English School.Man: Hello, I want to ask about evening classes, p
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听力原文:What did the woman repair?Man: Hi. What have you done today?Woman: You know that
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Make sure this is big enough to hold all your clothes for your holiday.s ______
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The pictures you take with this will help you remember your holiday. c ______
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You will not be able to wash yourself here for a few days.
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Be careful where you put this.
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If you are staying here, you may leave your car in this place.
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You pay less to eat at this time.
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To: Anna Dahlin Here is the information about language classes at City College. The Russia
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You can buy this every week and read about many interesting subjects in it. m______
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Bring a friend here for lunch and you will pay for only one meal.
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When you have finished reading, put back all the books.
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Always keep your bags with you.
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Listen to Sarah and Matthew talking about the people they met at a party.What do they say
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You can eat lunch during this meeting.
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