According to the e-mail, what amount of money should be removed from the invoice?A.$8.50B.
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In the article, the word "rectify" in paragraph 2, line 6 is closest in meaning toA.correc
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When is the training scheduled to begin?A.On March 25B.On April 6C.On April 7D.On April 8
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What is suggested in the notice?A.Ted Woods worked at the Manila office.B.Nicholas Price w
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What is indicated from Mill Creek Company?A.It provides free meal coupons to all new custo
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Why did Mr. Williamson write to Ms. Lewis?A.To notify her of a change in plan for dinner p
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E-Mail Message From: Victoria> To: Philip Baily<bphilip@hmail.c
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What the company will NOT pay for in advance?A.Airline flightsB.Dining expensesC.Hotel roo
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What is BPG? In a tight economy, your business may depend on word of mouth. Personal reco
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What type of business does Mr. Anderson work for?A.A construction companyB.A restaurantC.A
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What is suggested in the article?A.The article was published by the Citizen"s Coalition fo
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According to the notice, when should the management be contacted?A.If the water remains di
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Virginia Richmond - The National Holiday is approaching, and T-Mart store finally decided
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When does Mr. Parker wish to volunteer?A.Before the festivalB.During the festivalC.After t
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Mr. Robert Morris Managing Editor, Computer Trend 356 Harbor Road, Philadelphia Dear Mr
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Where is Dr. Sasaki scheduled to be on April 20?A.In Cheongju.B.In Daejeon.C.In Seoul.D.In
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How much should Mr. Ward pay in advance to receive the orders within a week?A.$500.B.$2,50
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Dear Topeka Street Residents Starting on May 20, Metros Buffet will be known as Green Val
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Why did Mr. West write an e-mail to Mr. Watson?A.He doesn"t know how to install the softwa
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What is suggested about Mr. Sands?A.He wants his supervisor to call him.B.He wants a writt
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