Speaker A: Want to come over Thursday for supper? Speaker B:()
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Human behavior is mostly a product of learning()the behavior of animals depends mainly on instinct.
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After so many days without rain, the ground quickly()the little rain that fell last night.
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A baby might show fear of an unfamiliar adult,()he is likely to smile and reach out to another infant.
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When I came through the customs at the airport, I had to pay()on a clock I had bought.
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Sixty per cent of television viewers chose him as their()actor.
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To study a foreign language,()
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When workers are organized in trade unions, employers find it hard to lay them()
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Hunger could be his only ()for killing a living thing.
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A benefit performance is a performance for which a charitable organization has bought out at a discounted price and()funds by selling tickets at a full price.
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The French pianist who had been praised very highly()to be a great disappointment.
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My father seemed to be in no()to look at my school report.
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Most people who travel in the course of their work are given travelling()
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His inability to learn foreign languages was a(n()to his career.
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In Britain people()four million tons of potatoes every year.
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The local government leaders are making every effort to()the problem of poverty.
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The explorers were told to()themselves with everything they would need for the voyage.
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This is the first draft of the book. Please feel perfectly free to()on it.
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As we know, blood types A and B cannot receive AB, but AB may receive A or B. Type O can give to any other group; hence it is often called the() donor.
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She()along the path, glad to be able to take her time.
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