What()us most in that disaster was their readiness to give their lives for the public health
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翻译LiHua:Or to make life easier, you can bring along some bottlesofwine, or some chocolates, orabunchofflowers.
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The WhiteHouse is the most visited residence in the world.Tours may be scheduled
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That is()behavior and nobody likes it.
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Yesterday was such a()day we decided to go for a drive.
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The problem()when the students refused to do their homework.
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When he suddenly() up the subject of genetic engineering, there was an embarrassed silence.
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()so many people in the United States been out of work as today.
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Since William had been seriously ill for several months, his parents were worried about()to return to school full-time.
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The association is()to raising funds to help the blind.
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The TV station, in()to massive popular demand, decided to continue the soap opera (肥皂剧).
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The opposition leaders()the government for not taking action sooner.
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In some schools children who prefer to read books rather than()football become social outcasts (被抛弃者).
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Others argue that since the earth has endured a long string of ice ages in the last two million to three million years, any warming is()to be temporary.
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()the concert had begun did we realize what a splendid show it was going to be.
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(),John has been to several foreign countries.
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She got a job as an assistant stage manager at the Cambridge Arts Festival Theatre, thinking that it might()to a career as a playwright (剧作家).
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If you want to find a decent location for your own home,()Mr. Smith for advice.
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Senior members of the staff competed eagerly()the position of sales manager in the company.
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It was three British sportsmen who()banned drugs.
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