The WhiteHouse is the most visited residence in the world.Tours may be scheduled
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–I’m planning to study abroad, and I want your advice --____________.
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–Sorry to give you so much trouble --______________.
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Wang Li’s(人名有可能变化)father has taught English here since he graduated from Peking University.
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-Let me introduce mysel
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–Excuse me, sir. I’m writing a research paper on Chinese culturA.Do you mind a few questio
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–Is Julie’s husband wearing a suit? - ___________A.He has just come back from the officeB
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We are well provided _____________ food and
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Would you like some mineral water?
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I had to buy _____________ these books because I don’t know which one was the best.A.bothB
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Tough it was late they kept on working.
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Last night, a fire broke out in Ann&39; s house in Manchester.Ann&39; s ——21 were out of t
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I got to the library by bus.
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George told me he could not come here because his mother is ill --____________A.It’s good
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He ____________ to me last written
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-Could you borrow me your English dictionary? -_____________.A.Thank you very muchB.No, I
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It was great pleasure ____________ me to be invited to the party.A.forB.onC.toD.of
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Tom(人名有可能变化)was such a hardworking student that he soon came out first in the class
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There are 45 students in each class of the schools.
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