Section B – TWO questions ONLY to be attemptedPerkin manufactures electronic components fo
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Section B – TWO questions ONLY to be attemptedForion Electronics (Forion) manufactures a r
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The McIntyre Resort (MR), which is privately owned, is a world famous luxury hotel and gol
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Culam Mining (Culam) is a mineral ore mining business in the country of Teeland. It owns a
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(a) The senior management of Universal University (UU) intend to develop both quantitative
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(b) ‘EAJ’, which commenced trading on 1 June 2003, is a business services group whose cons
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1 The Sentinel Company (TSC) offers a range of door-to-door express delivery services. The
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1 Wonderland plc, which is based in Robynland, owns Cinola Island which is located off the
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4 Healthfoods Ltd (HFL) is a well-established company which markets fruit and vegetables u
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4 Diverse Holdings Plc has five wholly-owned subsidiary companies. These are:(i) Organic F
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4 GMB Co designs, produces and sells a number of products. Functions are recognised from d
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4 The Dental Health Partnership was established in 1992 and provides dentistry and other r
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2 The Superior Software House (SSH) commenced trading on 1 December 2002 in the country of
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1 NB Candidates are advised to read all of the information including that contained in tab
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1 The Harding Law Partnership (HLP) provides legal services to commercial clients in the c
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3 The Specialist Clothing Company Ltd (SCC Ltd) is a manufacturer of a wide range of cloth
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1 The Health and Fitness Group (HFG), which is privately owned, operates three centres in
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1 The Geeland Bus Company (GBC) is a partly government-funded organisation which provides
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2 NCL plc, which has a divisionalised structure, undertakes civil engineering and mining a
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Universities in Teeland have three stated objectives:1. To improve the overall standard of
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