The town of Brighttown in Euraria has a mayor (elected every five years by the people in t
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This information was taken from an internal newsletter of The Knowledge Partnership LLP (T
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Elegant Hotels is a chain of twenty hotels across the country. Each hotel is wholly owned
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This scenario summarises the development of a company called Rock Bottom through three pha
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The following information should be used when answering question 1.1 IntroductionThe islan
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1 Introduction and industry backgroundThe current European market for Datum Paper Products
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1 IntroductionUniversal Roofing Systems is a family owned and managed business specialisin
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1 IntroductionBonar Paint is a medium-sized paint manufacturer set up by two brothers, Jim
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1 IntroductionTony Masters, chairman and chief executive of the Shirtmaster Group, is worr
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The following information should be used when answering question one.1 Origins and ownersh
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2 A clothing company sells 40% of its goods directly to customers through its website. The
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The country of Westoria has a well-respected public health service funded primarily throug
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The Holiday Company (HC) currently offers travel agency services by giving travel advice a
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Section B – TWO questions ONLY to be attemptedShop Reviewers Online (SRO) was founded in 2
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Section A – This ONE question is compulsory and MUST be attemptedIntroductionQTP Co produc
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The Institute of Independent Analysts (IIA), an examining body, is considering replacing i
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IntroductionThe following is an interview with Mick Kazinski, a senior marketing executive
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Section B – TWO questions ONLY to be attemptedFor 11 years, Marco was a senior salesman at
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World Engines (WE) is one of the largest producers of aircraft and ship engines in the wor
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Emile Gonzalez is an industrial chemist who worked for the government of Pablos for more t
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