The narrator‘s father 查看材料A.had fought in the Secon

The narrator‘s father 查看材料

A.had fought in the Second World War

B.may have suffered much during the previous war

C.helped build a bonfire on VE Day

D.added something to the fire to keep it going too


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By saying "Let‘s hope that this time it really will be the last one", the father meant that 查看材料

A.he hoped there would be no more wars in the world

B.he wished the Second World War had not happened

C.he hoped people would build more bonfires

D.he wished people would learn many lessons from the war

Directions: There are three passages in this part.Each passage is followed by somequestions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, Cand D.You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the AnswerSheet.passage1Questions are based on the following passage.What exactly is a lie? Is it anything we say which we know is untrue? Or is it somethingmore than that? For example, suppose a friend wants to borrow some money from you. You say“I wish I could help you but I'm short of money myself.”n fact, you are not short of moneybut your friend is in the habit of not paying his debt and you don't want to hurt his feelings byreminding him of this. Is this really a lie ?Professor Jerald Jellison of the Universityof Southern California has made a scientific studyon lying. (76)According to him, women are better liars thana men, particularly when telling a“white lie,”such as when a woman at a party tells another woman that she likes her dress when she really thinks it looks awful. However, this is only one side of the story. Other researchers say that men are more likely to tell more serious lies, such as making a promise which they have no intention of fulfilling. This is the kind of lie politicians and businessmen are supposed to beparticularly skilled at: the lie from which the liar hopes to pofit or gain in some way.Research has also been done into the way people's behavior. changes in a number of small,apparently unimportant ways when they lie. It has been found that if they are sitting down atthe time, they tend to move about in their chairs more than usual. To the trained observer they are saying, “I wish I were somewhere else now.” They also, tend to touch certain parts of theface more often, in particular the nose. One explanation of this may be that lying causes a slightincrease in blood pressure. The tip of the nose is very sensitive to such changes and the increasedpressures make it itch.Another gesture which gives liars away is what the writer Desmond Morris in his bookManwatching calls "the mouth cover."(77)He says there are several typical forms of this, such as coveting part of the mouth with the fingers, touching the upper-lip or putting a finger of the hand at one side of the mouth.Such a gesture can be understood as an unconscious attempt on the partof the liar to stop himself or herself from lying.Of course, such gestures as rubbing the nose or covering the mouth, or moving about in a chair cannot be taken as proof that the speaker is lying. They simply tend to occur more frequently in this situation. It is not one gesture alone that gives the liar away but a whole number of things, and in particular the context in which the lie is told.According to the passage, a "white lie" seems to be a lie __________                  查看材料

A.that other people believe

B.that other people don"t believe

C.told in order to avoid offending someone

D.told in order to take advantage of someone

Research suggests that women__________ 查看材料

A.are better at telling less serious lies than men

B.generally lie far more than men do

C.lie at parties more often than men do

D.often make promises they intend to break

Researchers find that when a person tells lies__________ 查看材料

A.his blood pressure increases measurably

B.he looks very serious

C.he tends to make some small changes in his behavior

D.he uses his unconscious mind



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