Many jobs have been lost and they may not be coming back. Some occupations hadalready been declining for years due to advance in technology and changes inthe global economy. The following is a list of careers that are disappearing.

Stage Performers

The five-year decline for this career was a surprising 61%. Stage performanceshave fallen out of fashion and have been almost entirely replaced with moviesand home entertainment technologies.

、Postal service mail sorters

After losing almost 57,000 jobs between 2004 and 2009, a further 30% decline inthis occupation can be seen by 2018.With more automatic processes for mailsorting and increasing correspondence via e-mail and fax, this job is quicklybecoming unnecessary.

Office support workers

About 300,000 office support jobs disappeared between 2004 and 2009.Secretaries and file clerks are no longer in demand as companies cut costs.Moreover, technologies like voicemail and easy-to-use word processors haveenabled professionals to do their own office work.

Photo processors

With the rise of digital photography and automatic printing, positions formanual photo printers are rapidly disappearing. The occupation has beensteadily losing jobs in the last five years and there might be a 24% decline by2018.

Radio operators

As technology advances, the needfor workers to monitor communications via radio telephone equipment isdisappearing. This already small field saw a five-year decline of 43%.

1.According to the first paragraph, because of theadvances in technology and global economic changes, _________.

选项格式:A.Part-time jobs have become more popular

B.Many new occupations are emerging

C.Many jobs are disappearing sharply

D.People are attracted to higher-paying jobs

2.One reason why the career of stage performers is declining so fast is that __________.

A.There isless investment in in stage performances

B.Stage performances have become less popular

C.Fewer people arequalified as stage performers

D.Stage performers can no longer earn big money

3.The benefit of using new technologies in the officeis that ______________.

A.Office workers can work on a flexible work system

B.Profession alsare able to do their own office work

C.Secretaries and file clerks are badly in need

D.Employees can enjoy better social welfare

4.The author expects that by 2018 the occupation ofphoto processors might decline by ______.





5.Which of the following might be best title of thepassage?

A.Global Economy

B.Advanced Technologies

C.Rising Unemployment

D.Disappearing Careers


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The White House is the most visitedresidence in the world. Tours may be scheduled thr

The White House is the most visitedresidence in the world. Tours may be scheduled through our Washington DCoffice. Due to security and scheduling procedures, there are a few things youshould know before requesting a tour:

? Only groups of 10 or more may request a tour.

? Requests must be submitted with a minimum of onemonth’s advance notice from the date of the tour. Notice of whether yourapplication is accepted will be given 10 days prior to the date requested. Alltours, even after they have been confirmed, are subject to cancellation due tosecurity interests.

? Tours are only conducted Tuesday through Saturdayfrom 7:30 am to 11:30 am.

To process your request for a tour, please contactour Washington office at (202) 224-5521 and provide the following information:

? Date(s) requesting.

? Security information for each person in your party,including: name as it appears on I.D. (I.D. required for ages 14 and up), dateof birth, social security number, country of origin, and citizenship (公民的身份).

? A home address and daytime and evening phonenumbers for the designated (指派的) leader of the group.

? A contact number while in DC for the designatedleader of the group.

After your request is accepted, our office willcontact you with further instructions.

1.This notice is to provide information about________.

A.application for a tour of the White House

B.the security system of the White House

C.scheduling of Washington DC tours

D.duties of a tour group leader

2.The White House is open to the public ________.

A.everyother day

B.on weekends only

C.fivedays a week

D.on weekdays only

3.Application for a group tour of the White Housemust be submitted ________.

A.exactly onthe date of application

B.any day between Tuesdayand Saturday

C.10 days before the date of the tour

D.atleast 30 days in advance

4.After your tour request has been confirmed,________. cansurely visit the White House that day isnecessary for you to start your tour immediately

C.itis still possible that your tour may be cancelled

D.youare still allowed to change your visiting date

5.It can be inferred from the passage that ________.

A.foreignersare less likely to be permitted to tour the White House

B.securityis the chief concern in scheduling White House tours

C.teenagersunder 14 are not allowed to visit the White House

D.separatetours can also be scheduled for individual visitors


In order to work here the foreigner needs a work permit, which must be applied for by his prospective employer. The problem here is that the Department

  In order to work here the foreigner needs a work permit, which must be applied for by his

prospective employer. The problem here is that the Department of Employment has the right

to __1_  or refuse these permits, and there is little that can be  2  about it, it would be

extremely unwise  3  a foreign visitor to work without a permit. Since anyone doing so

is  __4  to immediate deportation. There are some  5 to this rule, most notably

people from the Common Market countries, who are   6 to work without permits and

who are often given temporary residence permits of up to five years. Some  7_ people,

such as doctors, foreign journalists, authors and others, can work without permits. The

problem with the Act is not just that some of its rules are unfair but  8 it is administered,

and the people who administer it. An immigration official has the power to stop a visitor

_9 these shores coming into the country. If this happens the visitor has the  10 __ to

appeal to the Immigration Appeal Tribunal. While the appeals are being considered, the

visitor has no choice but to wait sometimes for quite a long time.

 1. A. allow B. admit C. present D. grant

 2. A. made B. done    C. explainedD. talked

 3. A. forB. toC. asD. in

 4. A. aptB. likelyC. liableD. inclined

 5. A. expectationsB. exceptionsC. explanationsD. expositions

 6. A. prescribedB. qualifiedC. entitledD. verified

 7. A. moreB. fewerC. othersD. other

 8. A. the way B. thatC. the timeD. what

 9. A. out ofB. toC. fromD. off

10. A. honorB. forceC. rightD. authority


My sister and brother are teachers. ______ are busy.





根据要求,写作文。 以“Importance of Effective Communication”(有效交流的重要性)为题写一篇短文,字数不少于120词。


To be a good teacher, you need some of the gifts of a good actor: you must be able to hold

To be a good teacher, you need some of the gifts of a good actor: you must be able to hold the attention and interest of your audience;you must be a clear speaker, with a good, strong, pleasing voice which is fully under your control;and you must be able to act what you are teaching, in order to make its meaning clear. 

Watch a good teacher, and you will see that he does not sit motionless before his class: he stands the whole time he is teaching;he walks about, using his arms, hands and fingers to help him in his explanations, and his face to express feelings. Listen to him, and you will hear the loudness, the quality and the musical note of his voice always changing according to what he is talking about. 

The fact that a good teacher has some of the gifts of a good actor doesn't mean that he will indeed be able to act well on the stage,for there are very important differences between the teacher's work and the actor's.The actor has to speak words which he has learnt by heart;he has to repeat exactly the same words each time he plays certain part,even his movements and the ways in which he uses his voice are usually fixed beforehand.What he has to do is to make all these carefully learnt words and actions seem natural on the stage.

A good teacher works in quite a different way. His audience takes an active part in his play: they ask and answer questions, they obey orders, and if they don't understand something, they say so. The teacher therefore has to suit his act to the needs of his audience, which is his class. He cannot learn his part by heart, but must invent it as he goes along. 

I have known many teachers who were fine actors in class but were unable to take part in a stage play because their brains wouldn't keep discipline: they could not keep strictly to what another had written.  

1、 What is the text about? _____

A、 How to become a good teacher.

B、 What a good teacher should do outside the classroom. 

C、 What teachers and actors could learn from each other.

D、 The similarities and differences between a teacher's work and an actor's.

2、 In what way is a teacher's work different from an actor's? _____

A、 The teacher must learn everything by heart.

B、 The teacher knows how to control his voice better than an actor.

C、 The teacher has to deal with unexpected situations.

D、 The teacher has to use more facial expressions.

3、 The main difference between students in class and a theatre audience is that _____.

A、 students can move around in the classroom

B、 students must keep silent while theatre audience needn't

C、 no memory work is needed for the students

D、 the students must take part in their teacher's plays

4、 A good teacher's voice _____.

A、 should be clear and fully under his control

B、 should not be too loud or too low

C、 should be fixed before he goes to class

D、 All of the above.

5、 Why does a good teacher make gestures while speaking? _____

A、 To make his meaning clearer.

B、 To draw the attention of his class.

C、 To express feelings.

D、 All of the above.

Wu Dong was _______tired that he couldn't keep his eyes open





A new study from Switzerland sheds light on where ice sheets melted during the ice age.

A new study from Switzerland sheds light on where ice sheets melted during the ice age.






In winter there may be several feet of snow in other parts of England but there will probably be no snow at all in the southwest



We all enjoy extra income to spend on things like books, sports or hobbies.




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