Children whose biological parents both have Tic Syndrome Z(TSZ), which is characterized by

Children whose biological parents both have Tic Syndrome Z(TSZ), which is characterized by the involuntary contraction of certain muscles, are about four times more likely to develop such contractions than are children whose biological parents do not have TSZ. It is likely, therefore, that predisposition to TSZ is an inherited trait. Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the conclusion above?

A.Children whose parents have TSZ are more likely to develop TSZ if they are under unusual stress at school or at home than if they are not under such stress.

B.Children whose biological parents do not have TSZ are more likely to develop TSZ if they are raised by adoptive parents with TSZ than if they are raised by their biological parents.

C.Children whose biological parents have TSZ are as likely to develop TSZ if they are raised by adoptive parents who do not have TSZ as if they are raised by their biological parents.

D.Children whose biological parents have TSZ and who develop TSZ usually avoid developing a severe form. of the syndrome if they seek treatment for TSZ shortly after developing the first signs of it.

E.Children with TSZ whose biological parents do not have TSZ are less likely to have the syndrome diagnosed when symptoms first appear than are children with TSZ whose biological parents have TSZ.


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Juries in criminal trials do not base verdicts on uncorroborated testimony given by any one witness. Rightly so, because it is usually prudent to be highly skeptical of unsubstantiated claims made by any one person. But then, to be consistent, juries should end an all-too-common practice: convicting defendants on the basis of an uncorroborated full confession. Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument above?

A.Juries often acquit in cases in which a defendant retracts a full confession made before trial.

B.The process of jury selection is designed to screen out people who have a firm opinion about the defendant" s guilt in advance of the trial.

C.Defendants sometimes make full confessions when they did in fact do what they are accused of doing and have come to believe that the prosecutor has compelling proof of this.

D.Highly suggestible people who are accused of wrongdoing sometimes become so unsure of their own recollection of the past that they can come to accept the accusations made against them.

E.Many people believe that juries should not convict defendants who have not made a full confession.

In Bassaria a group of that countrys most senior judges has criticized the uniform. mandatory sentences recently introduced for certain specific crimes. The judges argue that such sentences, by depriving them of all discretion in setting sentences, make it impossible for them to consider either aggravating or extenuating circumstances and so make it impossible to achieve true justice —the fitting of the severity of the punishment to the gravity of the particular crime. Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest evidence for the claim that in Bassaria the newly introduced mandatory sentences are not necessarily a change for the worse with respect to achieving true justice as defined in the argument?

A.Before mandatory sentencing, judges in eastern Bassaria imposed strikingly different sentences from those in western Bassaria for equally grave instances of the same kind of offense.

B.In Bassaria the frequency of crimes that have been made subject to mandatory sentences is lower now than it was just prior to the introduction of mandatory sentencing.

C.The law introducing mandatory sentences was passed in the legislature of Bassaria by a large majority and is unlikely to be repealed in the foreseeable future.

D.There used to be a wide difference between the minimum and the maximum sentences allowed by law in cases of crimes now subject to mandatory sentences.

E.In Bassaria judges are appointed for life and are thus not easily influenced by political pressure groups.

A group of paintings made approximately 15,000 years ago in a cave in the Loire River valley in what is now France depicts a number of different animals. One of the animals depicted seems to resemble the chiru, a rare antelope of the Himalayas. Which of the following, if true, best supports the hypothesis that in painting the animal that resembles a chiru the cave artist painted a chiru with which she or he was familiar?

A.There are numerous representations of imaginary animals in cave paintings of similar age.

B.Fossilized remains of a chiru, approximately 16,000 years old, have been found at the northern end of the valley.

C.The cave that contains the depiction of an animal that resembles a chiru contains stylized representations of plant life.

D.Older caves from the same region contain no representations of animals that resemble a chiru.

E.The antlers of the animal in the painting are longer than those of the mature Himalayan chiru.

Marine archaeologists recently discovered underwater in an ancient Mediterranean harbor several hundred ceramic objects, dating back approximately 4,000 years. Although any remnants of a ships wooden frame. would have long ago decayed, the quantity and variety of the ceramics discovered in the initial investigation led the archaeologists to hypothesize that they had discovered an approximately 4, 000-year-old shipwreck. Which of the following, if true, gives the strongest support to the archaeologists hypothesis?

A.Marine archaeologists have discovered a 3, 000-year-old shipwreck in another ancient Mediterranean harbor.

B.The rate at which wood decays when submerged in water varies greatly with the type of wood involved.

C.Two confirmed shipwrecks, approximately 3,500 and 3,000 years old, respectively, have been discovered in the same harbor in which the ceramic objects were discovered.

D.The ceramics discovered in the harbor are similar to ceramics found in several other ancient Mediterranean harbors.

E.Bronze ship"s fittings, approximately 4,000 years old, were discovered on the seabed among the ceramic objects.



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