At 31 March 2015, Jasim had shareholders’ funds (equity) of $200,000 and debt of $100,000.

At 31 March 2015, Jasim had shareholders’ funds (equity) of $200,000 and debt of $100,000.

Which of the following transactions would increase Jasim’s gearing compared to what it would have been had the transaction NOT taken place?

Gearing should be taken as debt/(debt + equity). Each transaction should be considered separately.

A.During the year a property was revalued upwards by $20,000

B.A bonus issue of equity shares of 1 for 4 was made during the year using other components of equity

C.A provision for estimated damages was reduced during the year from $21,000 to $15,000 based on the most recent legal advice

D.An asset with a fair value of $25,000 was acquired under a finance lease on 31 March 2015


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Germane has a number of relationships with other companies.In which of the following relationships is Germane necessarily the parent company?(i) Foll has 50,000 non-voting and 100,000 voting equity shares in issue with each share receiving the same dividend. Germane owns all of Foll’s non-voting shares and 40,000 of its voting shares(ii) Kipp has 1 million equity shares in issue of which Germane owns 40%. Germane also owns $800,000 out of $1 million 8% convertible loan notes issued by Kipp. These loan notes may be converted on the basis of 40 equity shares for each $100 of loan note, or they may be redeemed in cash at the option of the holder(iii) Germane owns 49% of the equity shares in Polly and 52% of its non-redeemable preference shares. As a result of these investments, Germane receives variable returns from Polly and has the ability to affect these returns through its power over Polly

A.(i) only

B.(i) and (ii) only

C.(ii) and (iii) only

D.All three

Faithful representation is a fundamental characteristic of useful information within the IASB’s Conceptual framework for financial reporting.Which of the following accounting treatments correctly applies the principle of faithful representation?

A.Reporting a transaction based on its legal status rather than its economic substance

B.Excluding a subsidiary from consolidation because its activities are not compatible with those of the rest of the group

C.Recording the whole of the net proceeds from the issue of a loan note which is potentially convertible to equity shares as debt (liability)

D.Allocating part of the sales proceeds of a motor vehicle to interest received even though it was sold with 0% (interest free) finance

To which of the following items does IAS 41 Agriculture apply?(i) A change in the fair value of a herd of farm animals relating to the unit price of the animals(ii) Logs held in a wood yard(iii) Farm land which is used for growing vegetables(iv) The cost of developing a new type of crop seed which is resistant to tropical diseases

A.All four

B.(i) only

C.(i) and (ii) only

D.(ii) and (iii) only

Wilmslow acquired 80% of the equity shares of Zeta on 1 April 2014 when Zeta’s retained earnings were $200,000. During the year ended 31 March 2015, Zeta purchased goods from Wilmslow totalling $320,000. At 31 March 2015, one quarter of these goods were still in the inventory of Zeta. Wilmslow applies a mark-up on cost of 25% to all of its sales.At 31 March 2015, the retained earnings of Wilmslow and Zeta were $450,000 and $340,000 respectively.What would be the amount of retained earnings in Wilmslow’s consolidated statement of financial position as at 31 March 2015?







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