Big Cheese Chairs (BCC) manufactures and sells executive leather chairs. They are consider

Big Cheese Chairs (BCC) manufactures and sells executive leather chairs. They are considering a new design of massaging chair to launch into the competitive market in which they operate.

They have carried out an investigation in the market and using a target costing system have targeted a competitive selling price of $120 for the chair. BCC wants a margin on selling price of 20% (ignoring any overheads).

The frame. and massage mechanism will be bought in for $51 per chair and BCC will upholster it in leather and assemble it ready for despatch.

Leather costs $10 per metre and two metres are needed for a complete chair although 20% of all leather is wasted in the upholstery process.

The upholstery and assembly process will be subject to a learning effect as the workers get used to the new design.

BCC estimates that the first chair will take two hours to prepare but this will be subject to a learning rate (LR) of 95%.

The learning improvement will stop once 128 chairs have been made and the time for the 128th chair will be the time for all subsequent chairs. The cost of labour is $15 per hour.

The learning formula is shown on the formula sheet and at the 95% learning rate the value of b is -0·074000581.


(a) Calculate the average cost for the first 128 chairs made and identify any cost gap that may be present at

that stage. (8 marks)

(b) Assuming that a cost gap for the chair exists suggest four ways in which it could be closed. (6 marks)

The production manager denies any claims that a cost gap exists and has stated that the cost of the 128th chair will be low enough to yield the required margin.

(c) Calculate the cost of the 128th chair made and state whether the target cost is being achieved on the 128th chair. (6 marks)


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The Western is a local government organisation responsible for waste collection from domestic households. The new management accountant of The Western has decided to introduce some new forecasting techniques to improve the accuracy of the budgeting. The next budget to be produced is for the year ended 31 December 2010.Waste is collected by the tonne (T). The number of tonnes collected each year has been rising and by using time series analysis the new management accountant has produced the following relationship between the tonnes collected (T) and the time period in question Q (where Q is a quarter number. So Q = 1 represents quarter 1 in 2009 and Q = 2 represents quarter 2 in 2009 and so on)T = 2,000 + 25QEach quarter is subject to some seasonal variation with more waste being collected in the middle quarters of each year. The adjustments required to the underlying trend prediction are:Required:(a) Calculate the tonnes of waste to be expected in the calendar year 2010. (4 marks)(b) Calculate the variable operating cost and fixed operating cost to be expected in 2010 using regressionanalysis on the 2009 data and allowing for inflation as appropriate. (10 marks)Many local government organisations operate incremental budgeting as one of their main budgeting techniques. They take a previous period’s actual spend, adjust for any known changes to operations and then add a % for expected inflation in order to set the next period’s budget.(c) Describe two advantages and two disadvantages of a local government organisation funded by taxpayer’s money using incremental budgeting as its main budgeting technique. (6 marks)
Thatcher International Park (TIP) is a theme park and has for many years been a successful business, which has traded profitably. About three years ago the directors decided to capitalise on their success and reduced the expenditure made on new thrill rides, reduced routine maintenance where possible (deciding instead to repair equipment when it broke down) and made a commitment to regularly increase admission prices. Once an admissionprice is paid customers can use any of the facilities and rides for free.These steps increased profits considerably, enabling good dividends to be paid to the owners and bonuses to the directors. The last two years of financial results are shown below.Required:(a) Assess the financial performance of TIP using the information given above. (14 marks)During the early part of 2008 TIP employed a newly qualified management accountant. He quickly becameconcerned about the potential performance of TIP and to investigate his concerns he started to gather data to measure some non-financial measures of success. The data he has gathered is shown below:Required:(b) Assess the quality of the service that TIP provides to its customers using Table 1 and any other relevant data and indicate the risks it is likely to face if it continues with its current policies. (6 marks)
Stay Clean manufactures and sells a small range of kitchen equipment. Specifically the product range contains a dishwasher (DW), a washing machine (WM) and a tumble dryer (TD). The TD is of a rather old design and has for some time generated negative contribution. It is widely expected that in one year’s time the market for this design ofTD will cease, as people switch to a washing machine that can also dry clothes after the washing cycle has completed.Stay Clean is trying to decide whether or not to cease the production of TD now or in 12 months’ time when the new combined washing machine/drier will be ready. To help with this decision the following information has been provided:1. The normal selling prices, annual sales volumes and total variable costs for the three products are as follows:5. The space in the factory currently used for the TD will be sublet for 12 months on a short-term lease contract if production of TD stops now. The income from that contract will be $12,000.6. The supervisor (currently classed as an overhead) supervises the production of all three products spending approximately 20% of his time on the TD production. He would continue to be fully employed if the TD ceases to be produced now.Required:(a) Calculate whether or not it is worthwhile ceasing to produce the TD now rather than waiting 12 months(ignore any adjustment to allow for the time value of money). (13 marks)(b) Explain two pricing strategies that could be used to improve the financial position of the business in the next 12 months assuming that the TD continues to be made in that period. (4 marks)(c) Briefly describe three issues that Stay Clean should consider if it decides to outsource the manufacture ofone of its future products. (3 marks)



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