Some people think only school children do not agree with their parents, in fact, it is not

Some people think only school children do not agree with their parents, in fact, it is not true.

Communication is a big problem for parents and children of all ages. If it’s hard for you to communicate well with your parents, don’t worry about it. Here are some advice for you to bridge the generation gap*.

Don’t argue with your parents. Don’t get to your parents when you are angry. On one hand, your parents probably won’t consider your ideas if you are shouting at them. On the other hand, you can’t express yourself well if you are angry. Please go someplace to cool off, try to make sure you understand why you are unhappy. Then, think about what you want to say to your parents. If you don’t think you can speak to them at the moment, writing a letter may be a good way to help you.

Try to reach an agreement. Perhaps you and your parents disagree on something. You can keep your disagreement and try your best to accept each other. For example, Michael wanted to buy a motorcycle, but his mother didn’t agree with him, they argued over it. Finally, they came to an agreement. Michael bought the motorcycle, but he could only drive it on certain days.

Of course, your parents might refuse to agree on something. In these situations, it is especially important to show your love and respect to them. Showing respect will keep your relationship strong.

Talk about your values. Because of the generation gap, the values of your parents are probably different from those of your own. Tell your parents what you care about, and why. Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life.

A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and happier person. It is worth having a try! Communication is an art!

According to the passage, who have a communication problem?

A.parents and other people kids and their parents

C.teachers and their students

D.parents and children of all ages

If the values of your parents are different from those of yours, you’d better _______.A.argue with them

B.keep away from them

C.agree with them all the time

D.tell your parents what you care about

The underlined word “bridge” in the passage means “_______”.A.建立




The best title for the passage is______.A.How to reach an agreement

B.How to communicate with parents

C.How to talk about your values

D.How to write a letter to parents


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The underlined word “bridge” in the passage means “_______”.





The best title for the passage is______.

A.How to reach an agreement

B.How to communicate with parents

C.How to talk about your values

D.How to write a letter to parents

When I was a teenager growing up in Russia, I felt studying very boring, I wanted to leave school and have my own life. There were only two ways for me to do this—working in the toy factory in my town, or getting married. I chose the first one. I was nervous when I told my father that I wanted to leave school. I thought he would say, “No! You are going to college.” Instead, he took me by surprise when he said, “OK. We’ll go to the toy factory.”Two days later, he took me to the factory. I had a very romantic idea of working in a factory. I had imagined everyone to be friendly working together and having fun. I even imagined there would be music and singing. I guess I had watched too many movies as a teenager.When we arrived at the factory gates, my father spoke to the guard and one minute later we went inside. My father said, “Take your time. Look around.” I walked around the factory, looking at the buildings, the workers, and listening to the noise. It was terrible. I ran back to my father and said, “I want to go home.”He asked me, “What do you think of the factory?”“It’s terrible,” I replied.“And you have another choice, but I think getting married is even worse!” he said.I went back to school the next day. From then on, I studied as hard as I could. Finally I got into a good college. I enjoyed studying English so I decided to major in languages at college. Thanks to my father and our trip to the factory, I now work at the United Nations and my father is very proud of me. I married a very good man and my life is much better than it would have been working in the factory!The writer lived in ________ when she was a teenager.





At first she thought life in the factory would be ________ than in school.

A.more terrible

B.more colorful


D.more boring



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