Bits and Pieces (B&P) operates a retail store selling spares and accessories for the c

Bits and Pieces (B&P) operates a retail store selling spares and accessories for the car market. The store has previously only opened for six days per week for the 50 working weeks in the year, but B&P is now considering also opening on Sundays.

The sales of the business on Monday through to Saturday averages at $10,000 per day with average gross profit of 70% earned.B&P expects that the gross profit % earned on a Sunday will be 20 percentage points lower than the average earned on the other days in the week. This is because they plan to offer substantial discounts and promotions on a Sunday to attract customers. Given the price reduction, Sunday sales revenues are expected to be 60% more than the average daily sales revenues for the other days. These Sunday sales estimates are for new customers only, with no allowance being made for those customers that may transfer from other days.

B&P buys all its goods from one supplier. This supplier gives a 5% discount on all purchases if annual spend exceeds $1,000,000. It has been agreed to pay time and a half to sales assistants that work on Sundays. The normal hourly rate is $20 per hour. In total five sales assistants will be needed for the six hours that the store will be open on a Sunday. They will also be able to take a half-day off (four hours) during the week. Staffing levels will be allowed to reduce slightly during the week to avoid extra costs being incurred.

The staff will have to be supervised by a manager, currently employed by the company and paid an annual salary of $80,000. If he works on a Sunday he will take the equivalent time off during the week when the assistant manager is available to cover for him at no extra cost to B&P. He will also be paid a bonus of 1% of the extra sales generated on the Sunday project.

The store will have to be lit at a cost of $30 per hour and heated at a cost of $45 per hour. The heating will come on two hours before the store opens in the 25 ‘winter’ weeks to make sure it is warm enough for customers to come in at opening time. The store is not heated in the other weeks

The rent of the store amounts to $420,000 per annum.


(a) Calculate whether the Sunday opening incremental revenue exceeds the incremental costs over a year (ignore inventory movements) and on this basis reach a conclusion as to whether Sunday opening is financially justifiable. (12 marks)

(b) Discuss whether the manager’s pay deal (time off and bonus) is likely to motivate him. (4 marks)

(c) Briefly discuss whether offering substantial price discounts and promotions on Sunday is a good suggestion.(4 marks)


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Northland’s major towns and cities are maintained by local government organisations (LGO), which are funded by central government. The LGOs submit a budget each year which forms the basis of the funds received.You are provided with the following information as part of the 2010 budget preparation.Overheads Overhead costs are budgeted on an incremental basis, taking the previous year’s actual expenditure and adding a set% to allow for inflation. Adjustments are also made for known changes. The details for these are:New roadsNew roads are budgeted on a zero base basis and will have to compete for funds along with other capital projects such as hospitals and schools.Required:(a) Calculate the overheads budget for 2010. (3 marks)(b) Calculate the budgets for road repairs for 2010. (6 marks)(c) Explain the problems associated with using expected values in budgeting by an LGO and explain why acontingency for road repairs might be needed. (8 marks)(d) Explain the process involved for zero based budgeting. (3 marks)



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